T H E   S T R O N G E S T   K N O W L E D G E

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JC-Plumbing -Tiling

Base on recent tests by our company, and utilising our resources for installation research and development, we have established new ways of installing floor tiles. Our new technics, for a Superior- Strength Floor, is appropriated specially where there is a greater need to support subfloor movement, where rotten beams may be effected and there is an outcome of dry/squeaky subflooring over time, where tiles shift or pop out cracking the grout in between.

Similarly SSF is appropriated where the concrete floor is uneven or cracked
It’s Benefits:

  • For a fraction of the extra cost you can save money on long term damage
  • Superior insulated flooring


JC Plumbing & Tiling is a family business – and we have just celebrated our 11th year of trading.

We are a quality team of Bathrooms Kitchen specialists who can bring to life your dream projects. Our range of skills allows us to offer expert tiles floor fitting as well as original old flooring & restoration services. We can give your home a refreshing natural look, and add value to your property.

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Our range of flooring and wall services includes fitting of various types of tiles, sub-floor preparation levelling

The list of services carried out daily by our Experts fitters would look something like this:

  • Prior Tiling We fully Prepare Wall & Floor Surfaces
  • Porcelain Mosaic Marble Wall & Floor Installation
  • Travertine Slate Stone Wall & Floor installation
  • Concrete Sub-floors Levelling
  • Exterior Steps
  • Water Proofing and Sound Proofing
  • Swimming Pools 
  •  Skirting Boards or Beading Installation
  • Walk-in Shower

 Unlike other Trader We take care of our own Plumbing fittings